Gearóid O'Rourke

I am a designer, writer and organiser, an Irishman in London, a lover of coffee, a bad squash player and a complete font nerd. I run an event for designers in London each month called Design+Banter and recently I helped launch a startup called Listora, which is changing how the world discovers events.

Before that I was the Creative Director at a London startup called Evently, building promotion and insight tools for event organisers, and a few years back I was the Lead Designer with another London startup called EDITD, trying to convince the fashion industry that they needed to start using data.

Working with startups allows me to apply design thinking to every part of the business — from customer development and marketing, to usability research and front-end development. I always like to understand how the "whole thing works" so that I can make better design decisions.

I like to share what I learn, so I mentor early-stage startups over at Seedcamp and Lean Launch Pad at Oxford's Said Business School.

Way back in the day I founded my own design agency, O'Rourke Design, and got the chance to put my name above the door. For four years I worked with some amazing clients, such as Web Summit and Microsoft, then put it all on ice to move to startup land.

In the now distant days before O'Rourke Design I worked for the Irish Times, ran Rock the Vote (Ireland), edited Trinity News and won some journalism and design awards.

I believe everything I have done so far has been a form of storytelling, of one kind or another. I like it that way.

If you're interested in ramblings about design you can follow me on Twitter and if you like pictures of food you should follow me on Instagram.

“I asked myself, what advice would I be giving to someone else in my position? And what I'd be saying — no, yelling — is "Ship it! Get feedback! Stop faffing!"”

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